Janet wanted to create the perfect tortilla, and after trying every type of flour (harina) that she could find, she recognized that there was something special about cassava flour. It brings the mild nuttiness and slight chew that elevates the flavor and texture of an ideal tortilla—all without grains, gluten, gums, or fillers. Most importantly, a warm Coyotas Organic Cassava Tortilla passes the true test of any tortilla: your juicy taco filling belongs in your mouth, not in your lap!


If you’ve heard of tapioca, yuca, or manioc, then you have heard of cassava. Cassava is a root vegetable native to Brazil, but it is now grown in tropical and subtropical regions around the world. As a naturally sustainable, pest resistant, and drought tolerant crop, it is the fourth most cultivated staple crop in the world (after rice, wheat, and corn) and the nutritional cornerstone for over a billion people worldwide.


Our cassava is grown in virgin soils in Brazil, where people have been cooking, milling, and eating the root vegetable for thousands of years. Our farm partners cultivate their crop with a keen attention to detail and a focus on sustainability and regenerative agriculture. Farm laborers are paid a living wage (more than twice what office workers in the region earn per day) while cattle graze the fields between plantings to help renew the soil. Within one day of harvest, the cassava roots are washed, dried, and milled into a wholesome flour with absolutely nothing added.