How do I heat Coyotas Tortillas?

The key to a soft and pliable tortilla is found in how you heat it. We want you and your guests to be blown away by your Coyotas Tortillas, and following these instructions will guarantee consistent awesome tortillas. This method works for cold tortillas from the refrigerator and even tortillas taken straight from the freezer!

Here are our simple instructions to make your Coyotas Tortillas excellent every time:

Preheat a dry (ungreased) griddle or pan over medium heat. Once the pan is hot, place the tortilla on the hot surface. Heat on the first side until the tortilla begins to turn translucent (about 30 seconds). Flip it, and heat the other side for another 15-20 seconds until the tortilla is soft and warm. Serve immediately or place the hot tortilla into a tortilla warmer (or wrap in a clean dish towel) if you are heating multiple tortillas.

My Coyotas Tortillas arrived with a melted ice pack. Are they still okay to eat?

100% yes! All Coyotas tortillas are still safe to consume even if they arrive at room temperature or with a melted ice pack. Refrigeration is only required to extend their shelf life. Please refrigerate upon arrival (for up to two weeks) or freeze (for up to six months).

Can I freeze Coyotas tortillas?

Yes! Coyotas Tortillas maintain their quality, texture, and flavor when stored in the freezer and will not stick together. You can even heat them immediately after removing them from the freezer.

How long do Coyotas Tortillas last?

Coyotas Tortillas are made without preservatives, so we use refrigeration (instead of chemicals) to ensure that they maintain their freshness. Once you receive your tortillas, they will keep for up to two weeks in the refrigerator or up to six months in the freezer. To maintain freshness, remember to reseal the bag when you put it back in the fridge or freezer. 

What are the ingredients in a Coyotas Tortilla?

Organic Cassava Flour, Water, Organic Coconut Oil, and Sea Salt. That’s it!

Can I have Coyotas Tortillas shipped to me?

Absolutely! Every week, we ship our tortillas nationwide in an insulated mailer with an ice pack, and we offer free shipping on orders of three or more packs. To guarantee that our tortillas arrive fresh at your doorstep, we only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays. Orders received after 12 pm PT on Tuesday will be shipped the following week.

Are Coyotas Tortillas organic?

Yes! Our tortillas are USDA Organic Certified and Gluten Free Certified. 

Allergens? Gluten-free? Peanuts?

We make Coyotas Tortillas on dedicated equipment in our own facility. The only ingredients we use and process in our facility are cassava flour, water, coconut oil, and sea salt. There is no cross-contamination with other ingredients or allergens.